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Repairs & Adjustments

Alterations and Adjustments

Whether it's as basic as adjusting the finger size of a ring or replacing part of an item with a new design, altering a chain length and adding additional jump rings, we understand how much of a difference these little changes can make.

Whether allowing a ring to be worn again comfortably or preventing it from falling off when your hands are cold, and make a chain long enough to sit just right or allow it to be worn shorter in conjunction with longer pendants, these little changes will amount to the enjoyment of your jewellery for longer.

Ring Sizing

By far the most common Jewellery alteration is a ring size adjustment. The method used varies, and is often dependent on the style of ring being altered.

The easiest style of ring to size is a solitaire, followed by clusters.

Regretfully, there are many aspects of a rings design that we must consider when working out a quote - as such, we need to see a ring to check its current size and style, as well as the amount it needs adjusting by to fit comfortably. If you would like a quote for one or more rings to be adjusted, please visit us in-store with the pieces you would like adjusting.

We are often busy with customers, so to avoid having to wait we recommend you make an appointment.

Contact Darlington to make an appointment:
01325 250 522
Contact York to make an appointment:
01904 633 886